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・Information & Location
TEL 06-6710-4965
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Business hour 9:30 - 17:30
Regular holidays Saturday,Sunday,National holidays
Serviced Apartment Sakura Osaka

[TypeA]wide living room

[TypeA]dinig table and large closet
・External appearance and entrance
・[TypeA]Bed room with TV
・[TypeA]Bath room and washbasin
・[TypeA]Kitchen and kitchen utensils
・[TypeB]Living & bed room
・[TypeB]Bath room & washbasin
・Rent and other expenses
・Contract process
[Type A]FloorPlan:1LDK / FloorArea:50.5m²
[Type B]FloorPlan:1K / FloorArea:40m²
Serviced apartments Sakura Osaka are fully furnished , comfortable and relaxing like home.
In addition to our concierge and room cleaning & linen services same as hotels, we offer kitchens, furniture, home appliances , a washing machine and the desk work space to support our guests' businesses and everyday lives at very low cost compared with hotels.
Many restaurants and public bars within walking distance and you can enjoy your life after work.
From the day you arive, you can enjoy a rich living that suits you perfectly.
・External appearance and entrance

external appearance


two elevator

high grade carpet corridor
・[TypeA]Bed room with TV

high grade double bed

TV is also attached in the bedroom
・[TypeA]Bath room and washbasin

wide bathroom
(Clothes dryer is attached in the ceiling.)

After washing, you can dry your clothes in the bathroom.

toilet with warm toillet seat
Standard linen: bath towel, hand towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, napkin, pajamas, bed sheet ,pillow case } change or replenish once a week
Standard amenities: toothbrush, hairbrush, shaver, hair dryer
・[TypeA]Kitchen and kitchen utensils

Kitchen (Fridge and microwave and IH heater)

dinig table.
Necessary kitchenware and tableware are prepared. If you buy foodsstuff, you can cook and eat soon.
・[TypeB]living & Bed room

bed room portion

living room portion.
・[TypeB]bath room & washbasin

wide bath room.

large size washbasin.
・Rent and other expenses
Type A (50.5m²)
Type B (40m²)
・Contract process
Location: 1-9-10 kouzu chuo-ku Osaka -> GoogleMaps
Nearby station: 5 min. walk from subway Nipponbashi staion (national bunnraku theater exit)
                    6 min walk from subway tanimachi 9-chome station (exit 2)
Application form
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