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TEL 06-6710-4965
FAX 06-6770-5148
Business hour 9:30 - 17:30
Regular holidays Saturday,Sunday,National holidays
Support Center Osaka for Inheritance & Guardianship
Support Center Osaka is your advisor and deputy of your voluntary guardianship , asset management , inheritance procedures and also supports as the executor of a will & the disposal of legacy . You can receive total services mentioned above at one stop in cooperation with Gyouseishoshi lawyers, financial planners , social insurance consultants, judicial scriveners, real estate appraiser etc. Support center staffs will visit the nursing home or private homes and provide the free consultations for the aged and handicapped people. Especially for international married couples, the inheritance procedure is troublesome task. Our support center would support foreigners in Japan so that they can lead a peaceful life without troubles.
Membership list
・Secretary general Yashunori Adachi
(Gyouseishoshi lawyer, 1st class Financial planner , CFP, Registered real estate transaction manager,assistant surveyor,Condominium management expert,property insurance agent)
・Center member Takeru Fudo
(International exchange consultant , Gyouseishoshi lawyer(qualified) Registered real estate transaction manager,writer)
・Center member Yutaka Ohkura
(1st class registered architect, Chaina business consultant)
・Center member Masanao Ohnishi
( Gyouseishoshi lawyer ,social insurance consultant, Real estate appraiser, Real estate consultant)
・Center member Nobuko Adachi
(Suzuki method Instructor, Music care therapist, Herb & Aroma therapist)
・Center member Kazuto Yoshikawa
(Reform & legacy disposal Co. president)
・Center member Taiji Nishio
( Tax accountant ,Financial planner)
・Center member Kazuhiko Nakano
(Judicial scrivener, Registered real estate transaction manager)
・Center member Kyouzou Watanabe
(M&A Co. TIC Contents director, Registered real estate transaction manager)
・Center member Hasu Chimege
(Interpreter of Mongol and Chinese)
・Center member Sanetomo Yamazaki
(Judicial scrivener)
・Center member Kouichi Nishizaki
(Judicial scrivener)
・Center member Masao Shiomorii
(President of Reform company)
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Nishimura Bldg. 2F,1-5-7 Honmachi Chuo-ku , OSAKA
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