Best Asset Gyoseishoshi Lawyer & Real Estate Office
English 06-6225-7120
Happy stay Support
for Foreigners
VISA Application
(Naturalization application,Permanent residence,Certificate of eligibility,International marriage)
Rental apartment
in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto
(Long term lease, Monthly lease)
Long term lease
Monthly Lease
Rental Office and Shop
Subsidized High-grade Rental Apartment
(Public Apartment)
Purchase and Sale of Real Estate in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto
Happy life support service
Business Support
Company Establishment
NPO Establishment
Licenses application
Copyright Registration
Asset Management & Inheritance Support
Support Center Osaka for Inheritance & Guardianship
property management and guardianship contracts
Will book
Partition of property
Inheritance procedure
Standard Remuneration List of Center Osaka
Financial Planning
Peaceful Life Support
Contents-certified mail
Land development Support
Conversion of agricultural land
Land development permission
Management of Parking lot & Apartment
Management of monthly parking lot
Management of vacant house
Management of rental apartment and rental house
Standard Remuneration List
Standard remuneration list
Documentation based on specific trade transaction law
Private information protective policy
Office Information
・Information & Location
TEL 06-6225-7120
FAX 06-6225-7121
Business hour AM10:00-PM6:30
Regular holidays Saturday,Sunday,National holidays



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事務所情報(Office Information)
Best Asset International Legal Affairs & Real Estate Office
(Best Asset Gyoseishoshi Lawyer & Real Estate Office)
大阪市北区堂島浜2-1-13 堂島浜シティービル401号
(Doujimahama city Bldg,4F 401
2-1-13 Doujimahama Kita-ku,Osaka)
(Office head)
(Yasunori Adachi)
TEL 06-6225-7120
FAX 06-6225-7121
(business hour)
10:00am - 6:00pm
(Regular holiday)
saturday,Sunday,national holidays
Office Opeining December, 2008

Member of Osaka Gyoseishoshi lawyer Association

Registered Gyoseishoshi office to Osaka Immigration office
Registered Gyoseishoshi office to Agency for Cultural Affairs as a copyright adviser
Resisterd office to Osaka Business & Investment Center(O-BIC)
Member of Association of Osaka building lots and buildings transaction business
Member of Japan financial planners` Association
Member of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
How to get to Best Asset office
Get off at “Watanabebashi” station of Keihan.
Cross “Watanabebashi”bridge and turn left and walk about 100 meters.
Introduction of Main Staffs
Office head : Yasunori Adachi
Support Center head
Gyouseishoshi Lawyer
(Registered Immigration agent , Registered copyright agent)
1st class Financial planner
CFP planner
assistant surveyor
Apartment management manager
Registered real estate transaction manager
School career
   Graduate school of Engineering science of Osaka University
   Law school of Kobe University
Office sub head :Nobuko Adachi
Support center staff
Suzuki method Instructor
Music care therapist
Herb & Aroma therapist
Institute of piano teachers & people with disabilities Japan / Hyogo branch manager
Advisor Takeru Fudo
Support Center Secretary
International exchange consultant
Gyouseishoshi lawyer (qualified)
Registered real estate transaction manager
Advisor Masanao Onishi
Support center staff
Gyouseishoshi lawyer(Registered Immigration agent ,Registered copyright agent)
Social insurance consultant
Real estate appraiser
Real estate consultant
Registered real estate transaction manager