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Happy Stay Support for Foreigners
Visa Application
One-stop service from visa application to company establishment
Our office support your visa application , room search and business licenses
collectively so that you can save time and money. Our office also substitute the invitation procedures of foreigners from abroad.
See flow from visa application to company establishment.
1.Visa Application procedure
Entry & departure procedures are fixed by Immigration Control Act.
A foreign national must hold the valid passport and a valid visa listed below.
Our office substitute the complicated visa application for you and support your stay in Japan.
Our office has not failed to acquiring the valid visa until now.
Visa applicants can get an incentive (150,000 yen) of Osaka prefecture when establishing a company through our office.
Step Procesures Required visa & Registration Remarks
Entry & Departure Passport
(Short stay visa and Long stay visa)
Valid period of short stay visa is within 3 months.
Certificate of eligibility
This certificate is required for long stay visa application.
Change of status of residence
When changing the status of residence, this permission is required.
(college student -> engineer,etc.)
Permission for extending period of eligibility
This application must be made from 3 months before the term of residence expire.
Acquisition status of residence
When a foreign baby is born or a person renounces a Japanese nationality,
this application is required within 30 days.
Permanent residence
Basically more than 10 years stay . More than 5 years stay and their contribution to Japan.
Naturalization application
Basically more than 5 years stay and over 20 year old
Re-entry permit
This is required when leaving Japan temporarily.
Permission to engage in activity other than permitted
College student : 28 hour or shorter a week ,
Pre-college student : 4hour or shorter a day
Certificate of authorized employment
This is submitted to the employers who employ the foreign
Special permission to acquire status of residence For a foreigner without visa, this permission is given specially considering applicant’s special circumstances
Residence card New registration certificate Foreign national can receive this card at the airport.
Foreign national may file this application within 60 days when she had a baby.
Exchange issuance
Foreign national may file this application if their alien registration certificate has been damaged or spoiled .
Reissuance When the certificate is lost due to loss or theft ,foreign national
may file this application within 14 days.
Registration of address change When address is changed, foreign national may file this application
within 14 days.
Registration of changes other than address When status of residence , period of stay, occupation, name etc
are changed, foreign national may file this application within 14 days.
International marriage Combination of mentioned above
Both registration of marriage and permission to change status of residence or Certificate of eligibility are required.
2.Statuses of Residence and Employment
2-1. Statuses of Residence and related visas
Japan's immigration control procedures are governed by Immigration Control Act .
Foreign residents must get the appropriate visa among 27 residence statuses.
These residence statuses are divided into 3 categories depending on employment conditions.
1. Statuses of residence permitting work are 18 types listed in Table of residence status.
The visa category for theses statuses are Diplomatic visa, Official visa and Working visa.
2. Statuses of residence not permitting work is 5 types listed in Table of residence status.
The visa category are Temporary visitor’s visa , Transit visa and General visa.
3. Status of residence is the designated activities and its’ visa category is Specified visa.
4. Statuses of residence without restrictions on activities are 4 types.
(Permanent residence , Spouse or child of Japanese national or permanent resident and Long term resident) The visa category is Specified visa.
Refer to the detailed residence statuses -> Table of residence status
2-2.Check points and applied laws when employing foreigners
a. Check the status of residence and permitted stay period in writing.
b. In case employing foreigners engaging in work other than permitted , it is necessary to get permission
to change status of residence or permission to engage in activity other than permitted.
c. In case employing college students or pre-college students , it is necessary to get permission to
engage in activity other than permitted. Working hours for college students is 28 hour or shorter a week.
d. Issuance of the document described working conditions and getting the consent.
e. Labor Standard Law and related laws are applied to the foreigners as well .

2-3.Punishment applied to illegal work
a. The immigration might deport illegal workers back forcibly .
b. The employer is punished for employing illegal workers
( 3 years’imprisonment or a fine of three million yen)

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